if you strip away the labels and isms and meta tags, what are you left with?
or, more to the point, what I am left with? am I strong and free
enough as an individual to survive the loss of all those
crutches and carve out a life of joy and reason
and meaning? can I use my powers of
thought and choice and action
and feeling to seek and
find my own way?
the Greeks said
know thyself.
I know
I know
it is only
my own efforts
that will produce a
life of eudaimonia for
myself and bring joy to those
who are dear to me, that will enable me
to create the kinds of thoughts and words and
music that fire the mind and inspire the soul; to find ever
greater wisdom through reflection on work, love, art, ideas, family,
and friendship; and to realize my vision of a philosophy for living on earth.